Flexo Plate Digital - Luscher CTP Review

Flexo Plate Digital: All About FPDigital

It wasn't too long ago when we sought after the next big thing in flexo and we installed the most technologically advanced CTP available - Kodak Flexcel NX Wide.  But now we are reviewing yet another CTP for the future.  A workhorse that might replace and/or backup our beloved Thermoflex Wide.  For those who don't know about Kodak Thermoflex it was the best CTP for flexo for many reasons but it was discontinued by Kodak in year 2011.

On July 28, 2012 Rieckermann Indonesia introduced us to a Swiss made CTP called Luscher XPose.  The Sales Director from Luscher was making his rounds for the first time in Indonesia and Flexo Plate Digital was one of his many stops.  According to Luscher, they specialize in high quality all-in-one CTP for for offset, flexo and letterpress and he was confident that it was better solution than Kodak and Esko.

In the past we tried contacting Luscher but didn't receive any reply, pretty much ignored but as Indonesia is becoming the next world's factory we seem to receive more attention from all suppliers.  As soon as we finish our review we'll post it on our blog and share with everyone our findings.