Esko Enters the Flat-Top Race

Flexo Plate Digital: Industry News

 EskoArtwork has released Inline UV2, a new UV exposure unit for Cyrel Digital Imagers which offers flexo plate makers the flexibility to select the type of print dot – either round-top or flat-top – according to the specific job requirement. With this new found flexibility, flexo printers can produce flexo plates which create either round or flat-top dots in print. A simple flick of a switch selects
the dot shape according to the job requirements – from plate-to-plate or sleeve-to-sleeve. There is no need for different plates e.g. Flexcel NX or different platemaking capabilities and equipment such as Cyrel DigiFlow from DuPont, LUX from MacDermid, NExT from Flint, and finally Flexcel NX from Kodak.
According to  Esko with its new unit, digital flexo can now generate a flat-top dot structure in a digital workflow ensuring the solids are best in class, due to its very high solid ink density. Before this was only possible in an analogue workflow where a film layer over the plate had to be used to eliminate the oxygen during UV curing.   Inline UV exposure replaces analogue UV bank exposure with digitally controlled UV laser diodes. This highly precise digital process delivers the highest levels of consistency. And because it can be fully integrated into the digital workflow, reproducibility is assured. Being a single step workflow also means simplicity, avoiding errors by manual handling and elimination of extra workflow steps. It is availability for sleeve workflows as well which ensures a route to the future. The unit can also be easily implemented into existing LAMS workflows. 

In summary I found it interesting that Esko is going against its marketing partner DuPont on the flat-top technology but I welcome having another option when choosing a flat-top technology.  Flexo Plate Digital will be adding our 2nd CTP in the near future and our goal is to provide flat-top dot for our customers to provide the best quality printing plate that can go head-to-head with offset and gravure.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions on this matter please don't hesitate to leave me a message.