Flexo in China

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I just came back from China, the world's factory, to find new suppliers and to survey China market for our flexo repro house expansion.  As an American it wasn't easy getting into the country, paid approximately $160 USD and took about a week for the visa, let alone travel within the country.  Nothing was posted in English and I used hand signs to communicate to find my way around.

All in all people were friendly and I found many suppliers that can make flexo related machines and tooling for European and American made machines.  And found only handful of quality flexo repro houses in China.

It was my first trip to China but surely not my last.

Few take aways from this trip:

1. Letterpress is more accepted than flexography
2. Rotogravure is still more popular than flexo for flexible packaging
3. Minimum salary is rising fast but factories are having hard time keeping talents; not enough workers in the industry