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Since the digital plate was introduced by DuPont LAMS layer became integral part of plate making and brand owners and tradeshops alike benefited from improved quality.  CTP allowed increased resolution on graphics and extended tonal range and most importantly guaranteed repeatability.

But now we are talking about raising the bar even higher and talking about competing with gravure and offset in print quality.  As a tradeshop operator I welcome these technology advancements but it is certainly not an easy task selecting the right solution to move forward.

If you are in the industry I am sure you've heard all major players have entered into the "flat top" race and every company claims to have the right solution.  Listed below are four major players and technologies that we're considering for the flat top technology.

LUX Technology from MacDermid Printing Solutions
Flint Group's New Exposure Technology - nyloflex. ®. NExT
Kodak Flexcel NX
DuPont Cyrel DigiFlow

LUX and Kodak Flexcel NX uses laminating technology, allowing the main exposure of the digital plate to take place in an oxygen free environment, resulting in a flat top dot.

Flint uses LED lights and DuPont uses nitrogen in exposure unit achieving the same effect.  By eliminating the oxygen dot becomes more stable and gains ability to maintain exact 1:1 reproduction of the information that has been imaged onto the LAMs layer.  But this process also reduces the benefit of digital dot as it increases the dot size, a side effect from removing oxygen.

Flexo Plate Digital is currently discussing with DuPont, Kodak, Flint, and MacDermid but all four technologies are in beta and have not commercialized the technology in Asia, at least not for the wide web market.  

If you have any thoughts on "flat top" technology please don't hesitate share your POV on our blog.  We'll keep our blog readers and our customers updated on our findings and share our future investment plans as soon as possible.


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