Fujifilm will showcase its new B2 Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) flexo CTP at Labelexpo Europe 2011

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Direct Laser Engraving Flexo CTP System
By developing a new DLE flexo plate and multi-channel CTP platesetter, Fujifilm has created a revolutionary new solution for flexo label and packaging print applications that achieves extremely high quality image reproduction.
Compared to common Laser Ablation Mask (LAM) systems, Fujifilm's DLE flexo CTP system has been optimised as a quick and eco-friendly way of making flexo plates. This is helpful for any job requiring a rapid turnaround, and particularly important in the event of a plate remake, considerably reducing press downtime.

Simple plate production process
The Fujifilm DLE flexo CTP system eliminates the multiple processing steps (UV exposure, solvent or thermal processing, drying) that are required with current Laser Ablation Mask (LAM) technologies, creating a much more streamlined process and allowing companies to make better use of their resources.

Increased quality
A highly-cured plate, manufactured using a unique polymerisation reaction, combined with a digitally controlled engraving process, means the resultant dot profile is very accurate, resulting in extremely sharp image reproduction and superb fine detail.

Reduced environmental impact
The Fujifilm DLE flexo CTP system is eco-friendly as it removes the need for the multiple pieces of equipment associated with the current LAM platemaking process, and is completely 100% free of VOCs.  In addition, as there is no need for a lengthy, high temperature plate drying process, energy consumption is also reduced.

Source: Fujifilm